Black Lodges


Black Lodges is equally part design studio, online magazine and clothing brand. Started in 2005, it is run by Steven Vogel and connects a large group of influential artists around the world under the moniker of Black Lodges. Through this and over the course of the past 9 years a variety of projects, products, events and collaborations have taken place, notably, capsule clothing collections for Quintin & Co. Altamont, collaborations with brands such as Eat Dust, Supremebeing, Hepcat Records, Endeavor Snowboards, Outsider BMX, Edwin Jeans, The Hundreds, The Great Frog, Black Skulls and Reed Space for example. Additionally, Black Lodges serves as a creative studio through which a variety of branded products are released such as clothing, art prints, accessories, magazines, fan zines and fine art, which have been shown in a variety of galleries around the world.

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